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EMA Intranet version 2.0 released

We just released new update of EMA Intranet. This version is called Version 2.0 and brings to our customers a lots of new features. Complete list of updates and features you can see bellow.

Change log – Version 2.0:
Added brand new section – Projects:
Section Projects is dedicated to cooperation of team members. Projects contains:
– page with detail of the project
– shared message board where users can write their comments to projects. Finally, all communication at one place. (all messages are versioned)
– comments are able to be liked
– section where you can store all attachmenst and files related to Project
– section Tasks to Projects – all tasks related to project at one place
– section activities – all activities related to project at one place
– section deadlines – you can view all deadlines at one place
New responsive menu
We added brand new responsive menu for your mobile devices
Upgraded TO-DO feature
Upgrade of graphics, easier adding to-dos, better useability
Upgraded tasks
Task overview – now is dividing of tasks more logical.
Improving texts of notification emails
We improved notification emails for better user experience.
Much better social network
– now you can add max 600 characters posts and comments
– new fetaure – focus to write social posts
– design updates
Upgrade of all tables at EMA Intranet
We went through all tables and set their sorting as much user friendly as we can. Enjoy!
+ improve of stability, safety and other minor changes.
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