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We have launched brand new EMA Intranet 3.0 version

We are very happy to announce you that third version of EMA Intranet is released. In this version you can find brand new features and bug and stability improvements too. So have a look to a list of changes and try EMA Intranet today. Its free! .)

„Who read your post?“ feature

Now you can see who has already read your contribution to EMA Intranet.

Read confirmation

Do you want to create some new rule or you are creating very important content? Just select people who should read this post and who should confirm that they agree with post and let EMA automatically control if they already read it.

Improved calendars

Its much easier to create new events now. Everything you can find at one page. Now we support one way synchronization between EMA Calendar and Google calendar.

Organizational hierarchy

Brand new feature at EMA Intranet. Now you can view complete hierarchy tree of your company at every employee detail page. Just click to tab called “Organizational hierarchy”.

Organizational hierarchy tree could be filtered (as easy as you use any other filter at EMA Intranet).

Improved notifications

Notifications are now event better. You can click to any notification and you are redirected straight to the detail of connected item. Just try it.

Permanent login

If you want to be permanently logged in to EMA Intranet on your computer, please tick “Remember me” on your login page. Then you will be logged in for 12 hours. During this time you can close your browser or shut down your computer.

Improved Export feature

Now you can export any items what you can see at EMA Intranet. Just click to dashboard of each section, use filtering and then click to button “Export data”. You will receive excel file with exported data immediately.

Improved Import feature

Bulk uploading of data to EMA Intranet is now much easier then before. Just select you excel file with data, connect each column to the right field of EMA and you are set to go. Click to import button.

Deadlines editing at Projects

Now you can finally edit your deadlines in Project section.

Better employee list

We improved sorting and employee lists. Now you can find what you are looking for in easier way.

Show how many people participates on project

In Project list you can see how many people participate at each Project.

Support for newest Safari browser

Support for newest Safari MAC OX S browser was added.


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