Easy and modern Intranet and CRM.

Easy-to-use Intranet, fully integrated CRM and seamless Invoicing.
Now in a brand new version 5 for free.

Fall in love with daily routines.

Each section is designed to perfectly meet your needs. No unnecessary buttons, everything you need is at hand. All sections are done with the same user logic. Once you start using one, you will instantly be able to control all of them. A kind of software you will enjoy!
File Sharing
Safe and easy sharing of files.
Social communication
Discuss, comment and add likes. Build corporate culture.
Project Management
Easy and straightforward project management.
Human Resources
Vacations, training contracts ...
Knowledge Sharing
Share knowledge across your company.
Full-fledged CRM system.
Tasks, Events, Notes
Perfect organised tasks.
Offers & Invoices
Offers and invoices right with the customer.

EMA helps work efficiently and, at the same time, feel better

Training a new employee as well as the daily routines of your current employees require non-stop access to the latest information. With EMA Intranet, all employees have access to your know-how to be able to work better and much faster without unnecessary interpersonal conflicts.
Managing projects, sharing files or managing all tasks from a single point make it easy to organise your work and meet the deadlines. And, a full-fledged CRM provides your colleagues with a complete set of information about any customer.
In short, they have all they need to do excellent job.

Raise your Productivity
Remove barriers and set conditions for your employees to exploit their potential.
Startup Innovations
Open the gateway to profound information and knowledge and enable developing innovations.
Competitive Edge
By using easy-to-find data and the collaboration with your team, speed up your decision-making process.
Corporate Culture
Build your internal "square", a place where your most valuable asset - your people - will meet every day.

Instant Start.
Live Support.

EMA is software in the cloud, so there’s no need to worry about additional software or hardware. All you have to do is make the decision and you can exploit all the benefits of EMA Intranet in a few minutes.
The app contains Live Support to help you with the initial setup and answer your questions. We then take care of all the rest - backup, encrypted connection and all advanced security features. What you get is permanent, secure and easy-to-use software that will enhance your business.
Start right now, it’s free of charge.
" What I appreciate most is the way all my business documents are organised. Recruitment and training of new employees is much faster now. Our team also makes frequent use of the integrated social network. I recommend EMA. "
– Jeff Stressing

Modern environment to raise your productivity.

Human Resources
Easy and transparent management of all employee documents.
Chat & News
Let your team keep in touch – wherever and whenever.
Company Social Network
Grab the attention of your employees with EMA’s social network features.
Knowledge Base
All information in a single place. Easy to retrieve.
Asset Management
All your properties in one place including all state-of-the-art features.
Contract Management
Easy control over expiry dates, prolongation etc.
File Sharing
Enable all your team members to gain access to files.
Task Management
Elegantly handle the management of your people tasks.
Shared Calendars
Use shared calendars to organise your business.
CRM System
Excellent CRM design that’s easy to use.
Easy Search
Find everything even if you don’t know the name
Invoices & Offers
Issue invoices and present offers from intranet.

Modern CRM & Intranet.
Start right now. It's easy.

EMA is a cloud-based solution that you can implement in your company within a few minutes. Get registered and learn why EMA is being used by so many businesses.

We are trusted by the best in industry

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