For Order and Efficiency.

The target customer for EMA Intranet and CRM is a modern company requiring perfect order in the management, documentation, tasks and employees. It is a company keen to develop internal communication to help build its corporate culture.
Small businesses and self-employers
Absolutely simple management of assets, tasks, people. Invoicing and CRN in one package.
Medium businesses
CRM system to build stronger relationship with the client, the registration of vacations, work contracts, assets and other operational elements.
Production companies
Outstanding communication between individual departments, a single storage site, internal communication, knowledge distribution...
ORDER Is THE fundament

In everything.

Very simple and efficient organisation of your business documents. A single storage place, a single place to complete all your tasks, a single place to keep your company know-how. Forget all the paper documents, scissors and diaries. Welcome to EMA Intranet.
Maximum Efficiency

Business performance comes first.

EMA is designed for efficient teamwork! Faster searching for data, more efficient displaying, top-quality reporting, ease of use and focus on meeting duties are factors that have been with EMA from birth.
Great Team

Corporate culture?

Internal social network, business sharing, rating company performance with likes. Integrate your people into the system to foster their relations.
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