We don't have a price list.
EMA Intranet is free of charge!

How is it possible?
The developer of Intranet EMA, the company ROUCEK Group s.r.o. supports small and medium businesses and aims to make their management much more organized, easier and more efficient. Just like you, we are a small company, too, and we know the importance of teamwork and orderly documentation. Our livelihood comes from the production of custom applications for B2B companies and EMA Intranet is our gift to you – small and medium businesses.
Are there any limits?
Yes, there are. It would be absurd to think that we can provide everyone with unlimited disk space, manage an unlimited number of employees or add an unlimited amount of data. It's simply not possible because of increasing costs. If you enjoy our application and your company grows so much that it hits the limits for free use, simply contact us and we'll arrange conditions that will be ideal for you and will cover our costs. Always individually, to our mutual satisfaction.

Our idea of a company we want to support free of charge is up to 15 employees, 1 GB for documents, 1000 various contacts, contracts, etc. If that's enough for your company, we will never ask you for any money as for as long as your company exists. We will gladly offer excellent conditions to others.

Any questions?
Feel free to contact us.

Help us with spanishdeutsch translations and get lifetime licence for free! Contact us at info@ema-intranet.com