EMA Intranet & CRM 5.
Crossing borders.

EMA Intranet and CRM version 5 brings improvements wherever you look - a brand new way of managing sales opportunities, improved invoicing and offer development, a more efficient CRM system, facelift design and plenty of new reports. Improved employee collaboration, synchronised task assignment. EMA is for those who cross borders and change the world.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Do you need a place to publish information, discuss current issues, manage projects and shape corporate culture? To assign tasks and cooperate on the development of documents? To add comments and likes or, to share things?
EMA will give you much more. Unlock the true power of your organisation with each worker having all the information at hand.

CRM of a modern company

A perfect picture of your customer base is the key to running a company. EMA crosses borders and boundaries. It automatically interlinks all internet activities with a given customer. With a few clicks you will see all purchases the customer has made with you, all opportunities, the time spent with the customer and many more advanced overviews.

The list of subsequent contacts or tasks for a given customer will give you an overview of what you have to do. Your customers will feel like in a paradise.

Invoices & Offers

Develop offers and issue invoices straight from CRM and Intranet to draw all the related benefits. Automatically broken down by the client, they will give you quick insights into your business – what’s working, what isn’t. And when the customer calls, you'll have them at hand immediately.
Thanks to the complete linking with the other sections, the issue of documents is a matter of seconds. You can then handle offers and issue invoices whenever and wherever you are. For instance, by using a cell phone.

Not a single opportunity missed

With EMA 5, the long-awaited opportunity tracking feature is coming. Stay fully in control and seize all opportunities for your business. All you have to do is assign adequate responsibilities and watch the entire solution process.
EMA will take care of the rest. It will offer various solution overviews, make sure that no one is forgotten and notify you of any problems in time.

Managing Human Resources

Employment contracts, allowances, vacations, medical exams, training, list of job seekers. Tasks set (completed and uncompleted), attendance, employee activity... Don't you want to have everything under control, easily accessible and, in a single place?

Enjoy the transparency and ease of access to information on EMA Intranet. You can choose which information will be available to you only and which can be accessed by other employees. 

Task management across your organisation

One page of EMA Intranet equals a complete picture of all tasks - your tasks as well as those entered by others. Commitments neatly grouped into categories - future, successfully completed and missed.

You can assign any number of solvers to each task. You can add attachments, make comments and effectively collaborate on a task. More, EMA contains intelligent task management through e-mail notifications. Everyone will know the current status, see all comments and receive an automatic reminder for a task whose deadline is approaching.

Social Communication

Work together as much as you can. EMA Intranet is literally packed with social media features. The homepage offers a full-fledged social network, every item, piece of knowledge, customer, file. Using EMA Intranet, you can add comments, discuss improvements, oppose, approve. So, don’t hesitate to share, add likes or dislikes, criticise… And as a team, improve things.
You can publish important information across your company in two ways - to be displayed only or require reading. In the letter option, the recipient has to confirm to have read the given information. This will ensure that each information reaches all people concerned.

Projects. Simply. In Time.

Invite all people participating in a project and use all EMA Intranet tools to facilitate the completion of the project.

A single page shows everything you need for a project - all communication, milestones, deadlines, project relevant files as well as a meter to measure your time spent on the project. Thanks to automated notifications, no project team member will miss anything.

Safety first

EMA Intranet is a cloud-based app using 5 layer security architecture (physical, data, in-app, data insurance and, periodical automated backup).

Data stored in EMA is much safer than when stored on a private server. Safety first is our priority. 

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Easy and transparent management of all employee documents.
Chat & NEWS
Let your team keep in touch - wherever and whenever.
Grab the attention of your employees with EMA’s social network features. 
All information in the one place and easy to retrieve. 
All your properties in one place including all state-of-the-art features.
Easy control over expiry dates, prolongation etc. 
Enable all your team members to gain access to files. 
Elegantly handles the management of your people tasks.
Use shared calendars to organise your business. 
CRM SystEm
Excellent CRM design that’s easy to use. 
Find everything even if you don’t know the name. 
Find everything even if you don’t know the name.

Easily develop invoices and get a full picture of your business. 
Develop offers and issue invoices. In CRM, link the invoices to customers. 
With the smart reminder system, you won't forget anything. 
EMA gives you a perfect picture of your organisation. Enjoy it.
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