Packed with functions, easy to use.

Explore the features and functions of EMA intranet to help you better organise your business. Our software has been designed for small and medium enterprises with the aim of shaping an efficient user-friendly intranet.

Knowledge base

Once you use EMA you won’t believe how streamlined your business will become. Your employees gain access to all types of data needed to perform their jobs well, allowing them to easily retrieve information and increase efficiency. This is also the ideal tool for new employees, helping them find everything to get the job done regardless of their location.

Human Resources

EMA’s user-friendly efficient tools help you take control of your HR documents. Store, retrieve and easily access all advance functions relating to documents on your workforce or job candidates. Functions include file storage, approval of holidays, personal calendars, medical exams, links to company property and much more.

Chat & messages

Use EMA’s social features such as news, chat and social networking to create a thriving corporate culture. Let your employees share their successes, experiences, wins and losses. Nurturing interpersonal relations in the workplace dramatically affects the efficiency of your entire organisation. With EMA you get to create your own internal social networks, such as Facebook, which are dedicated solely to your organisation.

Assets management

Every company needs to organise its facilities and manage its property. EMA gives your business a new dimension – by matching particular assets to particular employees you can keep tabs on which specific asset is being used by which employee and vice versa.

Contract management

All contracts and agreements related to your organisation are stored in a single place. Receive notification of an approaching expiry date or get a reminder to prolong a contract. Make use of links between contracts and specific individuals or assets. EMA provides you with a brand new perfectly organised overview of your contracts.

File sharing, Data storage

Is the distribution of documents and messages a daily routine you could do without? Keep everything in one place and avoid the hassle of being asked to search for documents. EMA offers an advanced system of sharing documents, enabling individuals to download or display the information and documents they need. All files are available to your employees on their PC, tablet and phone.

Task management

Clean up the mess on your desktop! All of your company’s tasks are stored on a single platform. Its easy-to-use display features a logical algorithm that helps employees meet their deadlines. A single page displays all of your tasks and those of your employees. You can also easily review your workload and upcoming events for any given date.

Shared calendars

EMA’s calendar allows you to input all of your important events to one system, including approved days of leave, employees’ tasks and your own upcoming events. Each employee receives a dedicated calendar so that your whole team is on point. Plus you can easily synchronise your calendar with your mobile phone meaning it’s always at hand.


Make your cooperation on projects as effective as it could be. With EMA Projects you can cooperate with your mates when ever and where ever you are. Enjoy our easy project management.
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